Centralia is celebrating its 100th year!

OUR PURPOSE IS SIMPLE  Centralia Presbyterian Church seeks to win and disciple those called by God in the greater Chester area by ministering to individuals and families spiritually, emotionally, and physically.  We also work to equip them to serve and honor Jesus Christ in all areas and seasons of life.  We are committed to spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ by supporting mercy and Gospel ministries in Chester and throughout the world.  In all of this, we seek to bring all glory to God.

OUR DOCTRINAL POSITION We adhere to the doctrines of Scripture as found in the Westminster Standards.  We believe the Bible to be the infallible, inerrant Word of God.  We believe eternal life is God’s gracious gift.  Heaven is free.  We cannot earn it, nor do we deserve it.  We believe man is in an awful dilemma.  By nature he is a sinner.  He is utterly powerless to do anything to save himself.  We believe God is both just and merciful.  God is just- therefore He must punish sin.  God is merciful; therefore, He has provided sinners a way of salvation from sin and its consequences.  We believe God’s plan of salvation was accomplished by His Son.  Jesus Christ is the eternal Son of God.  He paid the penalty for the sins of men.  We believe God’s gift of eternal life is received by faith.

WORSHIP At Centralia Presbyterian Church, the Scriptures are the sole authority for Christian worship.  It is sometimes said that evangelicals are not interested in worship.  If by worship one means the repetition of meaningless formalities, this may be true.  A more appropriate approach to the worship of God is echoed in the words of George Swinnock:

” Worship comprehends all that respect which man oweth, and giveth to his Maker…It is the tribute we pay to the King of Kings, whereby we acknowledge His sovereignity over us and our dependence on Him… All that inward reverence and respect, and all that outward obedience and service to God which the word enjoined, is included in this one word: worship.”

SERVICE  At Centralia Presbyterian Church, there are always opportunities for cooperative efforts in ministries of mercy and outreach. Like everything else in the Christian life, this calling is not a private, individualistic assignment.  When each believer brings their gifts, resources, time and energy to the task, more can be accomplished.

FELLOWSHIP Much attention is given at Centralia Presbyterian Church to the Biblical call to Christian community life.  The Lord Jesus Christ calls us to a fellowship in which each part of the body needs the other parts.  As such, relationships with other members of the body ensures that the church body is healthy.  We take any opportunity to gather together for this cause and usually include food.